A little bit about
Hot Tubs Oxfordshire

Hot Tubs Oxfordshire is more than just a family business, it is a family.

Individually, we value honesty and equality and work together to promote the health, well-being and enjoyment of our customers.

Rather than profit, we focus on quality and professionalism.

We firmly believe that by being the most trusted company with the highest standards of Customer Care, we will become leaders in our field.

A view inside the Hot Tubs Oxfordshire showroom showing three hot tubs with te reception desk in the background

When we first opened our showroom back in 2019, it was with a clear mission in mind – to be the best.

We were well aware, even back then, that what the industry was short of was the high-end showroom experience offering exceptional customer service.

Who we are

Hot Tubs Oxfordshire started life in 2016 when Carla and Kenny Massey formed the company 1st 4 Hot Tubs Ltd.

After three successful years of growing the business, they rebranded it as Hot Tubs Oxfordshire at the same time as opening the premium showroom in Bicester.

Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength – expanding the product range well beyond only hot tubs, employing more staff, ceaselessly collecting five-star reviews from delighted customers, and picking up awards year after year.

A group shot outside the front door of the showroom, with (from left to right) Barry, Natalie, Kenny, Carla, Phil, Lorraine, Ross, and Chris
Meet The Team

Multi Award Winning

The awards just seem to keep coming.

Over the years, we have picked up awards from UK Pool & Spa, the Oxfordshire Business Awards, Marquis, WhatSpa, BizX, and others.

We are particularly proud of having been named UK retailer of the year and Spa Team of the Year (in 2021 and 2023 respectively).

However, of all the accolades we have amassed over time, what we are really most proud of is the praise heaped on us by customers.

The HTO Team at the UK Pool and Spa awards 2023 holding their award for Spa Team of the Year

Loved by our customers

Our reputation with our customers might well be the thing we are most proud of.

All of us have become part of the Hot Tubs Oxfordshire family because we all believe that what the company does is worthwhile and makes a positive impact on people’s lives.

All of our customers would agree that their lifestyle has definitely improved as a direct result of what we have done for them – our abundance of overwhelmingly positive reviews bears testimony to this.

And because we see this change, it galvanises us to provide future customers with the best products and service possible.

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