Foaming water

Foaming water is a very annoying problem because it can suddenly appear eventhough you’ve been doing the right things to manage your hot tub water.
A lot of time people will use a product such as FOAM DOWN but that will not solve the problem but only suppress the symptoms.
If you want to get to the root of the problem than it is always best to renew the water but sometimes you just want a quick fix and in that case we would advise to use a flocculant.

Foam is a reaction of body oils and cosmetic residue which can form ‘soaps’.
If you use a flocculant it can bind the small particles and initially create more foam but at least you are getting them out of the water.

Scoop of all the new foam (this might take some time) but the problem should be gone for at least a little while but again….the most effective way to get this out of the whole system is by renewing the water.

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Article by: Natalie Lapierre

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