What’s not to love about Hekla saunas? They are a fusion of eco-conscious luxury and timeless design.

Immerse yourself in sustainable serenity with Hekla’s thoughtfully crafted saunas, using responsibly sourced materials for an eco-friendly retreat.

Beyond their green ethos, Hekla saunas captivate with sleek aesthetics, blending seamlessly into modern outdoor spaces.

Enhance your well-being with a touch of nature and sophistication, as Hekla redefines relaxation with style and sustainability.

Barrel sauna

Its rounded design allows for better heat circulation, ensuring a more even distribution of warmth throughout the sauna. The curved structure also minimizes heat loss, optimizing energy efficiency.

Additionally, the unique shape of the barrel sauna provides a distinctive aesthetic appeal and can offer a more spacious interior, allowing for a more comfortable and immersive sauna experience.

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A Hekla barrel sauna, isolated against a white background

Cube sauna

The Cube’s compact, square design makes it easier to fit into smaller spaces, ideal for urban settings or limited outdoor areas.

The cube sauna’s shape maximizes internal space efficiency, providing a more significant interior area compared to the barrel sauna of similar dimensions.

Additionally, its modern, minimalist design may better complement certain architectural styles or preferences for a sleek, contemporary look.

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A Hekla Cube sauna, isolated against a white background