It’s time to invest in yourself

Make luxury a daily routine with your own hot tub

Maybe you’d like to soothe your joints and muscles after a hard day. Or sleep a little more soundly. Maybe you’d just like some guaranteed ‘me’  time…

A hot tub is the perfect way to get a little luxury into everyday life. It can help with your wellness in all kinds of ways, from skin health to circulation, and make your life – and that of your family and friends – warmer and more relaxing, every time you sink into it.

World-class brands and service to match

We’d love to help you find your perfect hot tub – drop into our showroom any time and we’ll take care of you.

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The logo for Hot Spring hot tubs

Cutting-edge relaxation

HotSpring’s tubs are some of the best-designed we’ve ever seen.

They combine excellent massage technology and premium build quality with simple and user-friendly design –  all their models are energy efficient, easy to maintain and extremely durable.

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The logo for Marquis spas

Elegantly styled

Marquis is one of the most respected premium brands on the market. Their hot tubs work beautifully with modern garden design, and their attention to detail is second-to-none.

Every model discreetly packs a high level of customisation and technology into an aesthetically pleasing package that makes relaxation into an art as well as a pleasure.

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The logo for American Whirlpool

Built with care, and built to last

We’ve been impressed with American Whirlpool’s build quality for years. The brand is a byword for care and excellence – their hot tubs have technology that allows you to tailor every session precisely to your needs, using an impressive array of options and functionality.

This brand makes hot tubs that will provide a lifetime of relaxation, made by people who truly care about the quality of your experience.

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Hot tub hire

Make a great day truly special

Ever wanted the luxury and relaxation of the hut tub without the commitment? Maybe you’re planning a party or a celebration that needs a little something special…

Our expert installers can have a premium hot tub – with  adjustable temperature controls and room for seven adults – ready to fill in just 20 minutes.  We’ll get it into your garden, set it up and give you the advice and materials you need to make your experience rewarding, exciting and safe – all in one simple package. 

So if you’re hot-tub curious, just get in touch and let us help you have the hot-tub day of your life.

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A group of young women in a hot tub sharing a bottle of fizz and having what appears to be a great time

We visited Hot Tubs Oxfordshire after our lazy-spa popped. Lovely family run honest business. Found a hot tub to suit our needs and budget. The installation guys were lovely, fast delivery and they took care of everything. Thank you again

Harriet Nethercot
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