An overhead view of the American Whirlpool 261, not filled with water so all jets are visible

American Whirlpool 261


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183cm x 183cm
3 Seats
1 Recliner
22 Jets
259kg (empty) , 1005kg (full)

Introducing the American Whirlpool 261 Hot Tub, a charming addition for snug corners.

Ideal for intimate gatherings, it can seat up to three. Or have it all to yourself with the luxurious lounge with calf and foot jets.

Embrace relaxation in style with its thoughtfully designed space-saving layout. Immerse yourself in a warm embrace, as the hydrotherapy jets work their magic.

Crafted for both social moments and personal retreats, this hot tub marries elegance with functionality. Heighten your leisure time with this stunning compact beauty, a haven that transforms any corner into a blissful retreat for you and your companions.