An overhead view of the American Whirlpool 282, not filled with water so all jets are visible

American Whirlpool 282


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234cm x 234cm
5 Seats
2 Recliners
44 Jets
450kg (empty) , 1985kg (full)

The American Whirlpool 282 is an oasis of tranquillity offering heightened relaxation.

With two inviting lounge seats and a targeted neck massage seat, it provides a bespoke remedy for tension in your neck, shoulders, back, or feet. Unwind as forty-four therapy jets work their magic, creating a blissful retreat from daily stresses.

Crafted for indulgence, the 282 delivers a rejuvenating experience, embracing you in a cocoon of comfort. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic embrace of warm water, tailored to address your specific relaxation needs.