An overhead view of the American Whirlpool 470, not filled with water so all jets are visible

American Whirlpool 470


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221cm x 221cm
6 Seats
48 Jets
375kg (empty) , 1488kg (full)

This hot tub’s distinctive interior accommodates six in blissful comfort, offering full-body immersion in the exclusive Zone Therapy® seat.

Perfect for alfresco gatherings or intimate chats with friends, the 470 blends sociability with tranquillity. Indulge in the warmth and serenity of this thoughtfully crafted spa, where every seat invites you to unwind.

Transform your outdoor experience with a touch of luxury, as the American Whirlpool 470 transforms your space into a haven of soothing relaxation for both lively get-togethers and quiet moments of connection.

Shell Colour

Cabinet Colour