An overhead view of the American Whirlpool 982, not filled with water so all jets are visible

American Whirlpool 982


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231cm x 338cm
9 Seats
2 Recliners
79 Jets
657kg (empty) , 3345kg (full)

Wow. This one is a beast, albeit a gentle a comforting beast.

Accommodating up to 10 people, it transforms effortlessly from the life of the party to a personal spa retreat.

The rectangular design facilitates exercise bands or rowing, enhancing your wellness routine.

Immerse yourself in the dual lounges for a tranquil soak or invigorate with a unique massage in every seat.

With its spacious and versatile layout, the American Whirlpool® 982 redefines home leisure, offering a delightful blend of social enjoyment and personal rejuvenation for you and your guests.

Dive into the last word in home spa luxury.

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