The Tylo T810H infrared sauna cabin with grey IR panels and interior lighting, set against a white background. The control unit used in Tylö Infrared sauna cabins One of the speakers used for the Bluetooth audio system in Tylö Infrared sauna cabins Top-down view schematic of the T810H Infrared sauna cabin showing measurements Front view schematic of the T810H Infrared sauna cabin showing the height measurement

T810H – Grey panels


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Introducing the Tylö Infra Cabin T810H – the compact hero of the Tylö infrared cabin range. This comfortable one person cabin will soon become your favourite room in the house.

Small and quite beautiful, the T810H is equipped with EvenHeat™ panels providing unparalleled coverage. With no waiting time, indulge in the warmth and health benefits whenever you desire.

Included as standard is a stylish and intuitive smart control panel .  You also have the the option of a downloadable mobile app for both iOS and Android, allowing you the convenience of being able to effortlessly control all functions from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Attain the perfect ambiance with a combination of mood-enhancing colour therapy and Bluetooth audio connectivity, enabling you to enjoy your favourite music or escape into an audiobook.

It’s time to switch on the IR and switch off stress. Your journey to wellbeing begins with the Tylö Ifra Cabin T810H – proof that great things come in small packages.