Powerpool RB4


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228cm x 427cm
3 Seats
29 Jets
885kg (empty) , 5847kg (full)

The PowerPool® RB4 is a 14-foot swim spa that offers seating for up to nine individuals without sacrificing the swim lane.

Turbo swim jets and various exercise equipment choices provide a comprehensive water fitness experience, along with the recovery afterwards.

American Whirlpool’s swim spa is designed to deliver a well-rounded aquatic fitness and relaxation solution for your enjoyment.



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Expert Installation

Hot Tubs Oxfordshire are undisputed experts when it comes to installing swim spas, and we operate across the Midlands and the South of England.

As well as getting your swim spa into place on your property, we’ll look after all aspects of the installation so you can be certain that it is correctly set up and ready to use as soon as possible. We’ll also take you through all you need to know about how to use and look after it.

When you purchase a swim spa from us, you can be assured that the level of service you receive throughout delivery and installation will be of the highest standard in the industry.

A swim spa with a covana cover, and a Hot Tubs Oxfordshire van in the background