Let us introduce you to Remanso, the gold standard in Pergolas.

Beautifully engineered from heavy-duty powder-coated aluminium, these stylish structures will not only enhance your outdoor living space functionally and aesthetically – they are built to withstand anything that British weather could throw at them and still be looking good many years into the future.

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Durable and sturdy

So we’ve told you that Remanso pergolas are engineered in heavy-duty powder-coated aluminium.  Let’s just unpack that –

As a construction material, heavy duty aluminium is comparable to steel in terms of strength but at less than half of the weight, and without the same vulnerability to corrosion.

The powder coating is a process that adds durability, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance to the already hard-wearing aluminium, withstanding constant outdoor use for up to 20 years.

And it makes it look nicer.

A close up of the heavy-duty powder-coated aluminium used to construct a Remanso pergols

Shade control

All Remanso pergola roofs are comprised of motorised louvres that can rotate from their fully closed position through 145°.

This gives you total control over the amount of shade or sunlight you want to experience.

The degree of opening is controlled by a wireless remote.

There is also the option for a bioclimatic rain sensor which will automatically close the louvered roof of the Remanso when rain is detected.

The louvered roof of the Remanso seen from below

Side orders

There are several options to fill the sides of your Remanso pergola.

Automatic blinds can be installed and operated with the convenience of wireless remote control.

Vented sides create a barrier while still providing increased airflow, keeping the space cool and comfortable, especially during hot weather. They also enhance the look of the structure.

Glass doors offer the advantage of seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces while providing protection from the elements and allowing natural light to flood in

A Remanso pergola showing all three options for sides
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Fantastic showroom. It has all you need under one roof to enhance your home luxuries to another level. Very friendly, professional staff always with a smile.

Natalie Tuckfield
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