What is Winterising Your Hot Tub? (An Essential Guide)

Winterising your hot tub involves a series of protective measures to shield it from the cold if you intend to take it out of use for the colder months. From draining and cleaning to checking pipes and adding a snug cover, it ensures your tub weathers the winter, ready for a cozy soak when the frost retreats.

A circular hot tub on an outdoor deck, with an insulated cover on top that is covered in snow

1. Prepare for the Chill:

Winterising your hot tub is all about safeguarding it against the biting cold. Start by checking the weather forecast – once the temperatures start to drop consistently, it’s time to take action.

2. Clean, Drain, and Scrub:

Begin with a thorough cleaning session. Drain the hot tub, remove any debris, and give it a good scrub. This not only ensures a pristine tub but also prevents potential issues that might arise during winter hibernation.

3. Inspect and Protect the Plumbing:

Check your hot tub’s plumbing for any signs of wear or damage. Cold temperatures can lead to freezing, so it’s crucial to address any issues beforehand. Consider using a winterizing solution to protect the pipes from the frosty bite.

4. Protective Cover Installation:

If you don’t have one already, invest in a high-quality, insulated cover to keep the winter elements at bay. A sturdy cover acts as a shield, preventing heat loss and protecting your hot tub from snow, ice, and debris.

5. Check and Balance the Water Chemistry:

Before bidding farewell to your hot tub for the winter, ensure the water is properly balanced. Adjust the pH and alkalinity levels, and add a winterizing chemical kit to prevent bacterial growth. This step ensures your tub is ready for action when spring comes around.

6. Power Down and Disconnect:

Switch off the power to your hot tub and disconnect it from the electrical source. This not only conserves energy but also minimises the risk of any electrical issues during the winter months.

7. Regular Check-ups:

Even though your hot tub is taking a winter break, it’s still a good idea to check on it periodically. Brush off snow, make sure the cover is secure, and confirm that all components are in good shape.


There you have it – your comprehensive guide to winterising your hot tub. With a little proactive care, you’ll ensure your hot tub remains in optimal condition, ready to provide warmth and relaxation when the winter frost begins to thaw. So, bundle up, enjoy the cozy winter vibes, and look forward to unwinding in your perfectly winterised hot tub come spring!

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