Explore the world of cold water therapy favoured by athletes and wellness seekers. This recovery method reduces muscle soreness, enhances recovery time, diminishes inflammation, and bolsters circulation.

Chill Tubs, renowned for crafting ice baths from top-tier materials, presents a trio of cold plunge models. Each model caters to diverse preferences, ensuring optimum health and well-being benefits for a broad customer base. Immerse yourself in the physical advantages offered by Chill Tubs, embracing a holistic approach to revitalisation and a commitment to excellence in cold plunge experiences.


This is the product that started it all, Chill Tubs’ premium quality Ice Bath. This is considered a must-have for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, or anyone seeking the optimum recovery experience.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it is designed to deliver unmatched performance, durability, and style. From its impressive features to its luxurious aesthetics, the Chill Tub Original redefines the concept of post-workout rejuvenation.

Chill Tub Original
A product shot of the original Chill Tubs ice bath, isolated against a white background


Created especially for professionals, top-tier athletes, fitness aficionados, and individuals in pursuit of an exceptional recovery session.

Boasting remarkable features, long-lasting quality, and an opulent appearance, it is particularly suited for use in commercial settings.

The expansive Chill Tubs Pro is crafted to provide top-tier functionality and elegance. You can adjust the temperature to as low as 3 degrees without the need for ice. If you are dedicated to cold water therapy, the Chill Tub Pro is the perfect choice for you.

Chill Tub Pro
A product shot of the Chill Tubs Pro ice bath, isolated against a white background