Endless Pools offers a revolutionary range of Swim Spas that redefine at-home aquatic fitness and relaxation. These Swim Spas feature adjustable currents, allowing for continuous swimming and versatile aquatic workouts in a compact space.

With their innovative design and customizable options, Endless Pools cater to both fitness enthusiasts and those seeking therapeutic hydrotherapy, providing a convenient and versatile aquatic solution for any lifestyle.


What sets the E-Series swim spas apart from the rest? It’s the unmatched resistance current—smooth, powerful, and infinitely adjustable for swimming, exercising, and dynamic enjoyment.

Paired with Endless Pools’ exclusive current technology are the indulgent hydromassage seats, the chic cabinet, and a range of additional features.

Your family will appreciate the convenience and flexibility to engage in activities together, unwind collectively, and forge enduring memories.

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Endless Pools’ SwimCross (X-series) range features the smooth and adjustable resistance provided by an airless 4-jet current.

These workout systems surpass other jetted swim spas in performance and are ideal for all levels of swimming, from recreational to professional training.

They also feature hydromassage seats for full-body relaxation.

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The RecSport (R-Series) range achieves the optimal blend of entertainment, tranquility, and physical activity.

You’ll discover the perfect spot for enjoyable family moments, lively pool gatherings, and creating memories together. Powered by three airless jets, our current is crafted to enhance both playfulness and aquatic exercises.

Every model presents top-notch quality, adaptability, and outstanding value.


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Four friends socialising in a RecSport spa, with the image taken in such a way that you can see what is both above and below the waterline

Great service from the Hot Tubs Oxfordshire team.From start to finish, very friendly in the showroom understanding exactly what we was looking for, and for the right price, the installation and hand over went very smoothly, i will be recommending the team to all our clients and friends.

Lee Thomas
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