American Whirlpool is a trailblazer in the realm of hot water indulgence. With their pioneering steel-framed appliance-grade hot tubs, they bring innovation and comfort direct to your home. Crafted to endure a lifetime, these tubs redefine durability.

With a commitment to excellence, American Whirlpool stands apart through accelerated innovation. Their hot tubs boast physician-designed Zone Therapy seating for precision massages. The patented Northern Exposure insulation system ensures maximum energy efficiency.

Aligning with home appliance standards, they are fully serviceable at home, accompanied by industry-leading warranties – a testament to American Whirlpool’s unwavering confidence in their products.

In both hot tubs and swim spas, American Whirlpool stands apart as progressive and committed to quality.

Hot Tubs

American Whirlpool hot tubs stand out with a perfect blend of innovation and comfort.

Their advanced hydrotherapy, spacious designs, and cutting-edge features create an unparalleled relaxation experience.

Crafted for quality and durability, American Whirlpool sets itself apart by offering a genuine haven for tranquillity, surpassing the ordinary in every soak.

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A couple enjoying a romantic time together with a glass of wine in a candlelit hot tub

Swim Spas

American Whirlpool swim spas stand out for their commitment to a holistic aquatic experience.

With superior craftsmanship and advanced technology, these swim spas offer precise control over water currents, ensuring an authentic swimming feel. T

he thoughtful design and innovative features set American Whirlpool apart, creating an unparalleled blend of fitness and relaxation.

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Simply amazing! Amazing staff - very friendly and happy. Amazing service - very helpful, nothing is ever to much. Everything ran very smoothly from picking the hot tub in the showroom to the installation . Thank you, the hot tub is the best purchase we made.