HotSpring Hot Tubs

HotSpring has been making spas for nearly half a century, and is one of the pioneering brands in the hot tub industry.

These tubs excel with their powerful jets designed for targeted muscle relief, offering an unmatched therapeutic sensation. Their energy-saving designs, customizable features, and advanced water maintenance systems ensure a luxurious and revitalizing soak with each use. Combining durability, innovation, and a reputation for excellence, HotSpring hot tubs remain a prime selection for those desiring a premium at-home relaxation experience.

Highlife Collection

The Highlife Collection is HotSpring’s top-end range. With an emphasis on opulence and innovation, these premium spas boast an array of advanced features and superior craftsmanship.

From meticulously designed jets for personalised hydrotherapy to state-of-the-art energy efficiency and customisable options, the Highlife series offers an unparalleled soaking experience.

Limelight Collection

The Limelight range offers a sophisticated blend of style, comfort, and exceptional performance in hot tubs.

These hot tubs boast innovative technology, powerful hydrotherapy jets, and customizable options, ensuring a relaxing soak while enhancing the ambience of any outdoor space. With a focus on relaxation, durability, and ease of use, HotSpring’s Limelight series stands out as a premium choice for those seeking a combination of elegance and therapeutic indulgence in their spa experience.

Hot Spot Collection

HotSpring’s Hot Spot range presents an inviting and affordable selection of hot tubs designed to deliver relaxation and comfort. These hot tubs feature powerful jets, comfortable seating configurations, and user-friendly controls, providing an enjoyable and convenient spa experience.

With a focus on accessibility and reliability, the Hot Spot series is an excellent choice for individuals and families looking to enjoy the benefits of a quality spa without compromising on comfort or budget.

Tailor your experience

The Comfort Control® system allows you to adjust and personalize the balance of air and water to achieve your preferred intensity, whether for a vigorous massage or a gentle sensation.

Utilize the SmartJet® system to tailor the water flow to various sets of jets and seating areas across the spa, customizing your hydrotherapy experience according to your preferences.

A close-up of the Comfort Contol dial on HotSpring spas

Comfort for every body

HotSpring Hot Tubs are crafted with ergonomic design, conforming to the natural curves of the body, effectively alleviating pressure and tension.

Featuring multi-tiered seating, these hot tubs offer a comfortable space tailored to meet the diverse needs of every individual’s body.

An ergonomically shaped lounger seat in a Hot Springs hot tub

FreshWater® Salt System

This technology produces chlorine from salt, ensuring gentle and natural-feeling water without the unpleasant effects of strong smells, skin irritation, or eye discomfort.

Maintain your hot tub water’s cleanliness for approximately a year, reducing the need for frequent upkeep and allowing you to focus more on relishing your spa and less on maintenance tasks.

Available on Highlife® and Limelight® Collection spas.

A woman touching the surface of the water in a hot tub while the sun plays magically on her hair. Nothing to do with salt, but a pretty way of showing

Silentflo 5000 Circulation pump

A dedicated low-energy pump circulates water while using less energy than a 40-watt light bulb.

A lighbulb icon within a graphic of a rotating circle, overlaid on an image of a hot tub to signify the low energy cost of this component.

A really great company which understands customer service.Kenny, Phil and Lorraine couldn't have been more helpful, they clearly have a passion for what they do and take a pride in doing it well.Thank you for your professionalism, speed and friendly service.

Martin Bushnell
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