Marquis hot tubs are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, innovative design, and dedication to delivering a premium spa experience.

Marquis prioritises energy efficiency, durability, and advanced technology in their spas, providing customisable options for a luxurious and rejuvenating soak. Their commitment to quality and innovation has made Marquis a trusted name, offering top-tier hot tubs known for their reliability, comfort, and lasting value.

Crown Collection

Representing a pinnacle of luxury and innovation in hot tubs, these spas exude elegance and sophistication.

Featuring state-of-the-art technology and indulgent hydrotherapy, the Crown Collection offers a lavish and rejuvenating experience.

With customisable options and meticulous attention to detail, Marquis’ Crown Collection stands as the epitome of opulence and relaxation, catering to those seeking the utmost in comfort and style for their home spa retreat.

Vector 21

Marquis’ Vector 21 range redefines the hot tub experience with its cutting-edge design and precision engineering.

These spas boast innovative, high-flow Vector-Optimized Laminar Therapy (V-O-L-T™) jets that deliver a customisable and powerful hydrotherapy massage.

Ideal for those seeking innovative design and therapeutic excellence, Marquis’ Vector 21 range stands out as a pinnacle of relaxation and innovation in the hot tub industry.

Celebrity series

These spas prioritize affordability without compromising on performance or luxury. Featuring a blend of innovative technology and comfortable design, the Celebrity series provides a fantastic hot tub experience at an accessible price point.

They stand out for their user-friendly features, efficient operation, and reliable construction, catering to individuals and families seeking a high-quality spa experience without the premium price tag.

Celebrity Elite

Marquis’ Celebrity Elite series is a sanctuary of relaxation. As the name suggests,  it is based on their popular Celebrity range, but with several nuanced yet impactful enhancements.

While maintaining the same shell as its standard counterpart, Celebrity Elite spas have extended warranty coverage, improved cabinet design, and exclusive options like Bluetooth audio and inline sanitation, as well as having the incredible Microsilk system offered on five of the six models.

These upgrades reimagine your hot tub experience, cultivating a welcoming space for unwinding, surrounded by thoughtful details that transform your soak into a serene and distinctive retreat. Crafted for lasting comfort and individual style, the Celebrity Elite series is your key to a rejuvenating experience.

Swim Spas

Marquis’ range of Swim Spas combines the relaxation of a hot tub with the benefits of a swimming pool, offering versatile aquatic experiences.

These Swim Spas provide ample space for swimming, aquatic workouts, and family enjoyment while incorporating hydrotherapy features found in traditional hot tubs.