The Tylo T825H infrared sauna cabin with black IR panels and interior lighting, set against a white bacground.

Infra Cabin T825H


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Introducing the Tylö Infra Cabin T825H – the rockstar of the Tylö infrared cabin range. This luxurious retreat is not just an escape; it’s a wellness revolution right in your home. Say goodbye to stress and hello to a world of relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Tylö Infra T825H boasts an array of top-notch features, making it the ultimate choice for those who seek the pinnacle of infrared cabin experiences. With its smart control panel and mood-enhancing colour therapy, this cabin elevates your well-being journey.

Embrace the convenience of the mobile app, allowing you to effortlessly control sauna functions from anywhere.

The T825H boasts EvenHeat™ panels for complete body coverage, ensuring a soothing and holistic experience. With no waiting time, indulge in the warmth and health benefits whenever you desire.

Immerse yourself in the perfect ambience with Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to enjoy your favourite music or escape into an audiobook. It’s time to switch on the IR and switch off stress. Your journey to well-being begins with the Tylö Ifra Cabin T825H – where luxury meets tranquillity.

This cabin is available with either black or grey IR panels.